Medal Tests


A Ballroom Dancing Oscar trophy

Medal Schedule 2022 

 13th August  First Medal Assessment  St. Andrews Church Hall
 26th November  Second Medal Assessment  Redwood School Hall 


Medal Assessment description


Supreme Dance is associated with the New Zealand Federation of Dance Teachers (NZFDT), who provide an independent examiner. Teachers only put forward students who will do well in the selected medal and students receive the following:


  • written feedback on each of the dances
  • a medal (see the list below)
  • a certificate


Each Medal Assessment has a social dance associated with it (normally on the same day as the Medal Test). All students, friends and family are welcome to attend. There is also the opportunity for students to take gold medals publicly in front of an audience. For these, the students are encouraged to wear special evening dance clothes.



Role of Honour



Best Medalist

Most Improved



Dawn Mather


Kirsteen Griffiths

Dawn Mather


Alex Smith

Caroline Steele


Dawn Mather

Teresa Williams


Teresa Williams

Caroline Steele


Patricia Windle

Bill Hawke


Patricia Windle

Warwick Everton


Shanella Rajanayagan

Janet Philp

2015 Simon Crossan Janet Philp
2016 Kisa Basabas Emily Peterson
2018 Emily Peterson Rachel Van den Berg



Best Medalist  
Ballroom & Latin best medalist trophey  


Medals List

Social Badges

Number of dances

Two dance

Any 2 dances

Three dance

Any 3 dances

Four dance

Any 4 dances




Number of dances

Latin, Ballroom,  

New Vogue


2 dances

Bronze Bar

3 dances


3 dances

Silver Bar

4 dances


4 dances

Gold Cross

5 dances

1st Bar Gold Cross

5 dances

2nd Bar Gold Cross

5 dances

Oscar and Elite Oscar

5 dances

6 dances for NV

Exhibition Star Bronze

1 dance

Exhibition Star Silver

1 dance

Exhibition Star Gold

1 dance


Ballroom, Latin & New Vogue medals

* New Vogue Oscar dances

Lucille Waltz

Twilight Waltz


Gypsy Tap

Barclay Blues

Excelsior Schottische

La Bomba

Tango Terrific